Wastegate and BOV Replacement O-ring Kits
Includes all o-rings needed, pre-lubricated and ready for installation.

 JGS400/400R wastegate ORing Kit (2x-223,1x-134)

This oring kit only fits piston type TK188

Please call for old diaphram type parts

 TK260-ORK  JGS500 wastegate ORing Kit (2x-227,1x-143,1x-035)  $12

 TK289-260R-ORK  JGS600/500R wastegate ORing Kit (2x-331,1x-146)  $12

 TK300-BOV-ORK  JGS500/600 BOV ORing Kit (2x-227,1x-035,1x-143)  $12

TK300-500-IOR   TK500 BOV Inlet O-ring (-138)  $3


 TK300-600-IOR   TK600 BOV Inlet O-ring (-147)   $3


Wastgate and BOV Replacement Flanges
TK300-650   JGS500 BOV Flange  $22

TK300-650-SS  JGS500 BOV Flange SS  $22

TK300-6-SS  JGS600 BOV Flange SS  $25

TK300-6  JGS600 BOV Flange  $25

 TK250  JGS500/R Wastegate Inlet Flange  $25

 TK260-0  JGS500/R Wastegate Outlet Flange  $12

 TK289-F  JGS600 Wastegate Inlet Flange  $25

 TK289-F2  JGS600 Wastegate Outlet Flange  $18

TK188-8  JGS400 valve seat  $15

TK188-8v  JGS400V/R valve seat  $25

TK260-3  JGS500/R valve seat  $25

TK289-S  JGS600 valve seat  $29

 2.5" V-clamp, Fits TK260/R in/out, TK300-500 in, TK188R top, TK289 out

 TA059-2  3.0" V-clamp, Fits TK260R top, TK289 in/top, TK300-600 in  $18

 JGS500 wastegate to JGS400 wastegate V-band adapter. Also works with many 2.5" OD V-vand wastegate flanges. Requires 1x TA059-1 if you don't have a clamp for the larger side.