JGS 500/600 Wastegate Springs


-For JGS500, 500R and 600 series Wastegates
-High temp. 17-7SS, 1.900 O.D.

 TA058-1 Standard (0.135" wire) Included built into all 500/600 gates

TA058-2 Medium (0.148" wire) Included with 500R & 600 gates

TA058-3 High (0.162" wire) Included with 500R & 600 gates


$12.00 USD each

Spring size
High Spring Kit for JGS 500R & JGS 600 Wastegates
For JGS500R & JGS600 As a secondary heavyduty spring
High temp 17-7, SS 1.2 diameter
Includes Aluminum Spacers to locate the spring.
$24.00 USD
JGS400/400R Wastegate Springs
For JGS400, JGS400R, and JGS500 (As a secondary spring)
High temp 17-7 SS 1.2 diameter

TK188-S1 Standard 0.093 wire (included built into 400 & 400R gates)

TK188-S2 Medium 0.105 wire (included with 400 & 400R gates)

TK188-S3 High 0.125 wire (included with JGS500 gates)

$12.00 USD each
Spring size
JGS500/600 BOV Complete Spring Kit
 TK300-S-KIT  JGS500/600 BOV complete spring kit  $14