JGS Precision Turbo is proud to offer many parts and solutions for the 240SX KA24DE 16v DOHC and KA24E 12v SOHC engines.

 JGS KA24DE Turbo Kit Starter Package



JGS KA24E Turbo Kit Starter Package

AGP .50 Trim T3/T04E Turbo
No Longer available.
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JGS SOHC KA24E Manifold  


 JGS DOHC KA24DE Manifold


 JGS KA24(D)E Down Pipe & WG Dump Pipe Set


 KA24DE Stage 2 Turbo Header Kit

No longer available.
 Heavy-duty Injector Resistors

 Needed when using low impedance injectors (such as, but not limited to, DSM injectors). Gold anodized finish with solder lugs. 10ohm / 50 watt, no heat sink needed (built-in). Install 1 resistor inline with each injector on the positive side.

TA048 Set of 4 resistors- $19.99

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 JGS Precision T3 Turbo Mounting kit

Works with all JGS T3 flanges and T3 flanged manifolds. Includes 4) M10 x 1.5 Allen head studs and 4) M10 x 1.5 flanged nuts.
TA050 $7.99
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 JGS 240SX Heavy Duty Motor Mounts




 Using high quality polyurethane and our custom billet brackets, we have designed our own heavy duty MMs. This design will not seperate like stock type mounts but will provide less vibration than solid designs and is designed with the the stock offset for just like stock fitment. Also more economical than other mounts on the market. Only one small modification is required, the engine to MM bracket hole must be drilled out to 7/16" (11mm). This is very easy and can be done without removing the brackets.
Pics of mounts installed 1 (pardon the dirt)
Pics of mounts installed 2 (pardon the dirt)
Install ID diagram
TK218-S $119.99 USD a pair

Rubber Motor Mount set

-Same design as the urethane MM
but with softer rubber insets
-Great for Daily Drivers!

TK218-SR $100 USD a pair


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 JGS 240SX Transmission Mount Kit



This kit will replace the soft rubber mount with a heavy duty polyurethane mount. Also this kit will mount the Z32 300ZX TT automatic automatic in a 240SX. Very little modifcation is required, just drilling 2 holes and some triming of the existing mount. Here's how the kit is installed Step 1 Step 2 Then just bolt it in! Extremely durable and long lasting, by far the best street trans mount. Huge torque? No problem, thats what these mounts are made for! Better throttle response is also a very nice side effect as is improved feed back the engine. But still enough vibration isolation for a daily driver.


TK226-S Polyeurothane $45 USD



TK226-SR Rubber $35 USD


 JGS Vacuum Blocks

 Turbo charging a KA24E can require quite a few extra vacuum lines needed (BOV, Boost Gauge, etc.). And using lots vacuum tees can be hazardous and just plain old ugly. So we offer these nice billet aluminum 4 port vacuum blocks. Meant to be ran inline with the brake booster line, this will give you 4 extra 1/8" NPT vacuum ports. Barbed in/out fitting are included*.

* Please use thread tape or paste on all threaded connections

TA055-B Black Anodized - $29.99

TA055-N Nickel Plated
TA064 1/4" brass hose connection fitting - $2 each
TA065 1/8" brass pipe plug - $1 each
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O2/Wideband Bungs and Plugs

Building a new down pipe? These CNC machined O2 bungs work wonders! Adding a wideband latter? Our plug features a large hex for easy removal.
O2/Wideband Bung
TK230 $8.50
O2/Wideband Plug
TK230-2 $8.50

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 Nissan EGR Plug / Fitting

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 KA24(D)E Related flanges

 5 bolt AGP/Turbonetics and some T3s turbine outlet flange
TK049 $31.50
240SX 2 bolt 2.5" cat flange
TK228 $12.50
35/38/JGS400 Steel Wastegate Inlet Flg (M8x1.25)
TK073-2 $12.50
35/38/JGS400 Steel Wastegate outlet Flg (1.5" ID hole) TK073 $12.50
KA24DE Exhaust Manifold Flange
TK074 $78.50
KA24E Exhaust Manifold Flange
TK110 $78.50

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2000 deg. Gasket maker



For sealing turbo/manifold/wastegate exhaust connections, apply and let sit for 1 hr then warm engine to set. Will not burn out, cleans up with water, black in color. 3 oz tube, perfect of turbos without gaskets available.

One tube will do several turbo sets!

TA066 Turbo Cement

11.99 USD