JGS 600 Blow Off Valve

Diesel Kit


  •  TK300-600 JGS600 BOV (Aluminum or Stainless Weld Flange)
  • TK326 DPPT
  • Small Pressure Regulator (7psi factory set)

How it works-


Turbine Drive Pressure (sourced from between the turbo system and the engine exhaust ports) is feed via a hard line (1/4"min, ~24-28" max length) to a JGS DPPT.

Then a 1/4" hose is ran from the DPPT to the top port on the JGS600 BOV (installed post intercooler).

A 2nd line (again 1/4") is ran from the compressor to the small pressure regulator and then to the side port of the JGS600 BOV.

When drive pressure is lost (from engine deceleration) the pressure under the valve forces the valve open.

The pressure from the regulator maintains the opening till boost pressure drops below the set pressure.

This avoids turbocharger surge and greatly extends turbocharger bearing life.

w/ Stainless Steel Flange
for welding to steel and SS tubing
TK300-DKIT Basic Installation kit
A universal kit, some modification maybe
required for DPPT mounting.
4) 1/4" to 1/8"NPT push-on hose fittings
1) 10ft high pressure 1/4" push-on hose
1) 1/8"NPT plug
1) Steel 1/4" compression to 1/8"NPT
1) Brass 1/4" compression to 1/4" NPT
1) 1/4" coated steel hard line
2) worm gear mounting clamps
1) Universal 4"x 4" Steel L bracket


w/ Aluminum flange
for welding to aluminum


For those who have purchased a DPPT previously WITH Aluminum Flange


For those who have purchased a DPPT previously WITH SS Flange