JGS Diesel Wastegates


Our diesel wastegates are just our standard wastegates,

with all the same features, but with HP springs preloaded.

Clink the links below to see the features for the non-diesel versions


 JGS400V-Diesel 40mm Wastegate

TK188-V-Diesel $312.00 USD

 JGS400RV-Diesel 40mm Wastegate

TK188-VR-Diesel $328.00 USD

 JGS500-Diesel 50mm Wastegate

TK260-Diesel $400.00 USD

 JGS500R-Diesel 50mm Wastegate

TK260R-Diesel $429.00 USD

 Small air pressure regulator

Req. to properly control boost to the control port of a JGS wastegate.

TA068 $50 USD

 44/50mm (2.5 OD flange) to 40mm JGS WG Adapter

Adapts a 2.5" flange to the smaller 40mm JGS Flange.

2.5" Clamp Required (TA059-1)

TK250-188A $35 USD