JGS Diesel Wastegates

Our standard wastegates (All the same features), with HP springs preloaded.

JGS400-Diesel 40mm Wastegate

TK188-V-Diesel $279.99 USD


JGS400R-Diesel 40mm Wastegate

TK188-VR-Diesel $294.99 USD

JGS500-Diesel 50mm Wastegate

TK260-Diesel $359.99 USD

JGS500R-Diesel 50mm Wastegate

TK260R-Diesel $385.99 USD

Small air pressure regulator

Req. to properly control boost to the control port of a JGS wastegate.

TA068 $26 USD

44/50mm (2.5 OD flange) to 40mm JGS WG Adapter

Adapts a 2.5" flange to the smaller 40mm JGS Flange.

2.5" Clamp Required (TA059-1)

TK250-188A $30 USD